E-Mail Marketing

e mail marketing

E-mail marketing method, which is a traditional and proven method of delivering e-mail decorated with corporate communication messages that you plan for marketing purposes to the target audience, still retains its timeliness and targeting success today.

Email marketing techniques that you can usually use to reach your current or potential customers are the best way to remind your customers of yourself.

What Is E-Mail Marketing?

Email marketing basically means sending email messages to a group of people for commercial purposes. Email marketing, which is a great success in reaching a potential or existing customer, is the best way to send ads, request a job, send a newsletter, or reach an existing customer.

The overall goal of e-mail marketing methods is to achieve customer loyalty, increase awareness, being in sight or build a bridge of trust. The possibilities of using email marketing are generally shaped by developing relationships with former or existing customers and encouraging collaboration again.

E-mail marketing, which is an indispensable place especially for the e-commerce industry today, can make the customer closer to your brand by keeping the customer’s screen warm and informing the customer about the campaigns.

e mail marketing
e mail marketing

Why Should E-Mail Marketing Created?

According to the Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, who pursued an academic career in Germany in the early 1900s, people are more inclined to remember concepts with continuity. Zeigarnik’s work came up about when a waiter at a restaurant where they were sitting with his psychologist friends correctly remembered orders that were very complex, but did not remember anything after delivering orders to customers.

Your customers forget a lot about you and forget information about you after they shop, just like the waiter who caused the Zeigarnik Effect. The best way to keep your customers in mind is to make corporate moves to protect communication, as in the waiter metaphor.

E-mail marketing means reminding yourself to them, being in sight of your customers and ensuring that your potential audience is in their minds Therefore, by planning e-mail marketing, you can increase the sustainability of your company and ensure continuity for the development of your trade volume.

What Are The Benefits Of E-Mail Marketing For Your Brand?

When we look at the feedback rates, we see email marketing as the most successful marketing product, and it has a very flawless structure for messages to reach the customer directly.

But it is also possible to say that email marketing operations carry a point that is risky. Every conceivable email provider has many security measures against spam emails. For this reason, choosing a provider and campaign tool in email marketing is a very important task.

You should follow a careful email marketing policy to prevent emails that you send for commercial purposes from being lost or falling into the spam folder.

E-mail marketing, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, has very important qualities in bringing reputation, trust and brand loyalty to your brand. More Consultancy is waiting for you to conduct your email marketing campaigns to solve your email marketing processes successfully and results-oriented with its professionals. Contact us immediately for more information!


e mail marketing