Facebook And Instagram Ads


We can see how important Facebook and Instagram ads are compared to how long people spend in these channels. In Hootsuite’s year-based statistics, Instagram users spent an average of 30 minutes a day on the platform in 2020.

By contrast, people spent an average of 1.4 min on Facebook. In addition, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day.

The main goal here is not to confuse you. Instagram and Facebook are two separate social media that have the same ownership, and we hope that investing in advertising in these parts will allow you to have insight into how to reach your target audience.

The easiest ways you can choose to reach the audience you want to appeal to will be different campaigns and advertising works that you will do on these two social media networks.

What Is Facebook And Instagram Ads?

Ads on Facebook and Instagram are being distributed through Facebook Guide. Facebook Advertisements Guide; It is a guide that allows you to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

Facebook products, which have taken an important place in daily life, have become an opportunity to get a very important advertising ground, as we spend an important part of our lives and a significant period of time during the day with these applications.

In the Facebook advertising portfolio, which includes a range of options such as visual advertising, video advertising, carousel and collection advertising, you can choose the most suitable option for you.  It is also a business branch that requires a certain amount of expertise and time to create visuals that can highlight your page in this area, attract traffic to your site, or make your presence on social media more visible.

Today, where social media is a great power, perhaps the most important force, Facebook and Instagram ads have a form that contains all the statistics that will undoubtedly take you to a much higher level.

Facebook instagram ads

More Than 1 Billion Active Users

It Is Critical To Brand Awareness

Psychographic Targeting

Facebook instagram ads

Why Should Facebook And Instagram Ads Created?

Facebook and Instagram ads let you use tools that you can implement many campaign ideas you can create to get on the agenda, highlight your company, make your page more popular, or attract more visitors to your website that have an important role in people’s lives.

Today, social media advertising has numerous benefits for business and brands. Facebook and Instagram ads, which are the best methods to follow a secure advertising policy, are also extremely important to understand and interact with visitors or customers.

Facebook and Instagram advertisements are seen as advertising media that allow brands to act towards understanding customers rather than one-sided brand communication. In order to achieve consumer or follower loyalty, the audience obtained on social media channels is extremely important. Remember, people will evaluate his intimacy with you based on the norms here.

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook And Instagram Ads To Your Brand?

Facebook and Instagram, which are social media channels where you can interact with the fan base created by customers or visitors, allow you to better understand and analyze your customer audience and provide a good brand vision with the interaction you create.

Using Facebook and Instagram ads is highly effective to the concept of “Marketing Myopathy,” a definition created by Theodore Levitt in 1960. Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to act according to your customers’ demands, not your product or experience. In addition, research conducted today shows that the concepts of satisfaction and value are provided much more easily through social media channels when assessed in terms of the marketing area.

As long as visitors and customers incorporate the applications they include in their daily lives such as Facebook and Instagram into their comfort zone, the satisfaction of the brands that advertise on these channels will be much more better. Especially today, the power of social media is seen as an important environment of satisfaction and value on behalf of the consumer.

Facebook instagram ads