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Linkedin ads

LinkedIn advertising represents sponsored ads on LinkedIn, which is a fairly strong business and Business Network, and is also supported by Microsoft.  As the largest employee network in the world, LinkedIn is cited as one of the largest sources of conscious consumers and skilled labor.

For this reason, you should not worry that the advertising campaigns that you will prepare with LinkedIn reach conscious minds.  Both to increase your employee potential and science, technology, business world, etc. you can contribute to the brand awareness you need in areas. In addition, LinkedIn ad offers excellent opportunities to observe and collaborate with companies that are competitors in the same industry as you.

What Is LinkedIn Ad?

LinkedIn is a very suitable social media for business that want to transfer business-based ads to their target audience and attract them to them in the right ways.

The biggest feature sought on Linkedin Ads is quality and accurate information. According to the LinkedIn advertising regulation, it is a policy that is very important not to deceive members and not to give them false information.

In addition, on LinkedIn, writing ad texts in accordance with punctuation marks, paying attention to upper and lowercase letters, literally meeting the spelling qualities in accordance with the rules is another point that is noted as a mandatory requirement. Because LinkedIn is a seriousness-oriented platform, adult (casual) content is not accepted in advertising content.

In addition, the use of sexist, inappropriate and discriminatory language in LinkedIn Ads is prohibited. In all these aspects, LinkedIn Ad is a social media network that needs to be treated with caution at many points to reach a qualified audience.

Therefore, it is very important to get expert support for serious and corporate language, accurate ad process management when advertising Linkedin. More Consultancy Services create high-level LinkedIn advertising campaigns for you to ensure that your business and therefore your profile page have the potential to communicate with a qualified audience.

linkedin ads

Targeting Based On Business Preferences

You Reach a More Professional Audience.

The Best Platform For B2B Marketing

linkedin ads

Why Should LinkedIn Ad Created?

According to the Data Of Hootsuite, it is a business-oriented social media with 722 million members. 40 million people around the world use LinkedIn every week to look for work. 3 people are hired every minute through LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn has 15 times more content impressions than job advert.

LinkedIn Ad can be used both to build a good business network and to assess the potential of skilled labor working in different fields. Currently, many companies perform project-based business process management with many different employees from many different fields, reducing their costs instead of full-time employees.

With many advantages in this regard, LinkedIn has a great structure that allows you to connect with communities and expand your Network in accordance with the quality of your business. Especially because of this reason, the influencer rate of LinkedIn Ads is much higher than social media that are not aimed at the business world.

While people feel in their comfort zones on other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers its users a different space. While people look at ads differently because they see an area where they are comfortable when using other social media channels, the perception and approach are always different because LinkedIn is already in a business environment.

What Are The Benefits Of LinkedIn Ad For Your Brand?

LinkedIn Ad allows you to communicate with the audience you want to appeal to in an enterprise framework within the business ecosystem. Since LinkedIn’s user audience consists of an audience that puts more interest in their work in focus, the interest that these people will show in your projects will be much higher.

In addition, LinkedIn will be the biggest friend and supporter of your brand that you want to promote through conferences or seminars about your industry. In the US, 71% of marketers use LinkedIn for the business for which they are responsible. We are confident that Linkedin Ads, the center of competition and a skilled workforce, will add an ambitious vision to your brand.

linkedin ads