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Twitter ads

Twitter, which includes many people and media, from scientists to artists, business accounts to politicians, is also known as a social media platform where the world agenda is set.

Today, in many news generations, this platform, which is an Earth-shaking statements, is a very powerful social media due to its hundreds of millions of users who prefer it in order to expand their horizons. Another point that also sets Twitter apart from others is that people feel more comfortable with this social media network than they do with other social media outlets.

The fact that users have 280 character spaces and the platform goes with microblogging jargon has attracted an audience and made it an agenda-setting structure.

What Is Twitter Ad?

Twitter ad has an advertising policy that allows you to share sponsored tweets and accounts on Twitter, where there are millions of users and the world’s agenda is set. Of course, there are many analyses in such an environment. Because Twitter has its own free environment, influencing Twitter users is a very challenging task.

If users who want to be advertisers on Twitter want to promote their own content or accounts through Twitter Ad, their accounts or content are subject to an approval process. This process is built on the mission of quality and safety, which Twitter does not agree to make concessions.

More Consultancy professionally conducts the process that you want to be monitored in order to advertise on Twitter and become a Twitter advertiser, and creates campaign planning in the focus of experience and knowledge so that you can step forward in this media, where people from every demographic are involved.

At this point, all steps are taken under Twitter’s advertising policies. Twitter policies require that you display an honest and safe profile in sponsored ads that you give, but also comply with the rules of the media. You can also take advantage of the Twitter advertising services provided by More Consultancy to take a permanent place on this platform that leads the world.

twitter ads

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twitter ads

Why Should Twitter Ad Created?

In a 2021 report published by Hootsuite, Twitter is the sixth largest social media of the world with a user base of 350 million people. The number of users in the 25-34 age range is the first with 30%. 59% of people on Twitter receive the agenda and Daily News via Twitter. According to Statista January 2021 figures, Twitter has about 11 million users in Turkey.

Advertising on Twitter, which has more than 350 million users, offers great opportunities for brands who want to experience different social media and think they can access their potential customer base. Products, developments and brands of worldwide importance are actively involved on Twitter, where many people around the world communicate with each other and share their ideas.

Twitter Ads, which have adopted an advertising agreement that advertisers can move users to their sites, can allow potential audiences to interact with tweets and retweets and increase your awareness in this media.

In addition, you are not required to advertise on Twitter, such as promoting your Twitter account or any content. Twitter offers privileges such as account promotion, application promotion, video and visual promotion, as well as a good referral system for the promotion of your websites.

What Are The Benefits Of Twitter Ad For Your Brand?

Twitter advertising is a highly user experience-oriented platform to promote the social media accounts your business uses, as well as the videos and images you use to promote your product or service.

In addition, it is extremely easy to attract visitors to websites through a Twitter ad and get traffic through this situation. You can act freely and safely on Twitter Ads where you can move forward by targeting your audience across distinctions such as demographics, interests, location, and gender.

By taking advantage of the Twitter advertising consultancy opportunities offered by More Consultancy, you can have the opportunity to take a permanent place on Twitter, which is an important social media network on behalf of both our country and the world.

twitter ads