UAUser Acquisition

What Is User Acquisition?

User acquisition (often abbreviated UA) is the act of acquiring new users for an app or other platform. User acquisition on mobile is a strategy designed to generate installs, usually achieved through app campaigns and app store optimization (ASO).

Why is user acquisition important?

With increased competition, it’s important to find ways to increase app discovery while convincing users to install your app. Therefore, without a user acquisition strategy, it is difficult for businesses to find and convert new users.

User Acquisition Channels

  • Paid Channels
    • Google Universal App Campaigns
    • Facebook & Instagram App Campaigns
    • Tiktok App Campaigns
    • Apple Search Ads
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)

Reach The Right User For Your App.

Maximize Your App Performance.

Increase Your App Store Ranking.


What Is (MMP) Mobile Measurement Partners?

A mobile measurement partner, or MMP, is a third-party company that helps apps measure campaign performance across ad marketing channels, media sources and ad networks for a brand.